Our Services

Research and Design

A recognized, award-winning department.  The Design team is staffed with a talented group of designers who provide our clientele with innovative, unique solutions to their design requirements.


The Prototype Department is comprised of talented individuals that produce everything from single displays to entire concept shops that can be used for testing and customer evaluation.


Using the latest technology, our Mechanical team is able to develop the most innovative and cost effective manufacturing techniques.

programmed electronics.jpg

Electronic Development

Our Electrical Engineering department focuses on the development of innovative, high-quality video and audio digital media solutions.  


Our Production Team turns designs and engineering into reality. We utilize the latest technology and machinery, allowing us the ability to produce high quality, cost effective display roll-outs in a time effective manner.

Quality Control

Our engineering specification document has a page for QC items to be addressed as the fixture is being manufactured.


Warehouse and Fulfillment

We can load your product onto your displays prior to shipping. We also provide full storage, fulfillment and shipping services. Our customer service department is available to assist you with your shipping needs.